How to save at least $10,000 on your medium size renovation…Really!

1. Save costs on your demolition by recycling your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures- contact Green Demolitions for details, Noel Grabill 203 247 9030….related tax credits can easily reach $3,000 to 7,000.

2. Buy your own fixtures,tiles and cabinets, elimates the 15% that a general contractor marks up on these items…In a typical $250,000 project, one could easily spend $35,000 worth of fixtures,tiles and cabinets. That example, at 15% that would result in $5250 savings.

Here’s a link to Direct Buy. It’s a subscription based purchasing membership with a high initial fee, but steep discounts that many of my customers have successfully used…. result for happy

3. Hire your own painter, this is usually the easiest subcontractor to deal with. Typical $15,000 painting job, eliminates the 15% that the general contractor marks up this trade, saves over $2200.

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